Translated from French means “To Fool the Eye”.  This is a super realistic technique, often using depth of field, perspective and photo like images of texture, i.e. stones, shadows to create 3 dimensional looking scenes.


This painting technique is my specialty.  The subject matter can be anything you can dream up.  It can be a landscape, an architectural element, or a graphic to complement a contemporary décor.  It can transform an area, large or small into a wonderful fantasy, opening up the space to a whole new dimension.


  1. Sponge Painting- This is the classic faux finish using a sponge to create a texture and pattern , to age and add depth to an area.  Usually done in 2 complimentary colors.
  2. Ragging- This painting technique can be done in Positive, using a rag dipped in a color and applied over a base color, and Negative, using a rag to remove a rolled on color over a base color.
  3. Strie- This painting technique uses a special comb that is dragged through a rolled on color to create thin stripes. This is with a base color and a complimentary top color.
  4. Color Washing-  A very delicate finish, consisting of watered down color that is applied in great sweeping motions, then softened and blended to give subtle depth.
  5. Distressing-  This painting technique used a lot on furniture, employs different marking tools and layers of color that are sanded down to simulate wear and tear of years of use.
  6. Antiquing- This painting technique is more subtle than Distressing, also used a lot on furniture sometimes using gold or silver leaf or color washes to add age to a piece.
  7. Marbling-  This painting technique uses many different tools like  ripped paper, feathers and brushes to create the veins and layers of the many different kinds of Marble.

I can also do Faux Wood, Bamboo, Lapis Lazuli,& Malachite or just about any surface you want to simulate


This technique is done with a pre cut image that is usually repeated to create a pattern to mimic wallpaper.  I add hand painted details which creates a custom look.  This technique can be used on walls, ceilings, floors and furniture.  It can also be done with texture material, such as plaster or joint compound to produce a 3 dimensional effect.  This is particularly beautiful with Antiquing on top.


This technique uses thin sheets of imitation Gold, Silver or Copper to cover walls, ceilings, niches, and furniture, creates beautiful reflective surfaces,.  Antiquing this material gives a warm glow and appears just like the precious metals it is imitating.  It can also be tinted to pastel colors.


Creating one of a kind pieces to coordinate with your décor gives a rich, custom look to any room, especially magical in children’s rooms.

I also do Animal Portraits, Canvas Posters, Wall Hangings, Floor Cloths, and Tile Mosaics.

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